Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Engagement

Girls always try to anticipate when the guy will propose. She always picks in her mind the special days or times he might do it. So, when April 10th rolled around (Matt and I's six month anniversary), I hoped Matt would propose that day, but I was trying to not expect it. We had a busy day planned, starting with a garage sale and shopping at CostCo (where we went on our first anniversary). We also visited the bridal show at Signs of Life and watched the Hobbit being performed by the homeschool group at my church.

I know we had dinner planned at the Elderidge because a friend of ours gave us a gift certificate and I wondered if Matt would propose then, but he didn't. In fact, our dinner was rather quick. I also noticed he started getting antsy at dinner and seemed to want to leave quickly. Since we didn't have any plans afterwards, I suggested walking around downtown for a little. Matt said we could stay and watch the sunset. (So then the idea popped into my brain that maybe he would propose at sunset.)

As I was thinking through these things, we walked into Signs of Life real quick (Matt had said he wanted to show me a video on his laptop). I had no clue it was about to happen then. We walked around to the coffee shop side and to the counter. Matt said,"I'll take the special." So I looked up to see what the special was, and written in chalk, with big flowery letters, was, "Betsy, will you marry me?" I think my mouth dropped open and I started tearing up, all at the same time. I suddenly saw flashes going off (from Amanda and Megan's cameras). From behind the counter the barista handed Matt the box with my engagement ring in it. He took it, got down on one knee and proposed!!! I said "YES!" with tears blurring my vision. I'm so glad he was opening the box and putting my ring on my finger, because I couldn't see clearly. I heard cheering and clapping and whistling upstairs in the gallery (apparently family and close friends were waiting).

After hugs and posing for the pictures, I had to look take a careful look at my ring. (It's SO GORGEOUS!!!!) We walked upstairs to the gallery and I got to show off my ring to everyone. My mom had prepared cheesecake; Matt's mom had brought pretzel rods and the two huge bouquets of flowers Matt bought. There was even the special bottle of dessert wine Matt had purchased for his engagement day (even before he knew he would be in a relationship with me). Matt is SO thoughtful, romantic, and thinks of the little details!! The little party afterward was so enjoyable and perfect. In fact, the whole proposal was perfect!!!

Some helpful facts you may able to pull out of this post to create your own perfect proposal (however, you don't need any of these things to make it perfect):

- pick a location that means something to the both of you
- pick a date that is meaningful (he picked our six month anniv.)
- involve friends and family. they can help make the event run smoothly (and they want to be a part of it anyway)
- have several significant things that point back to the progress of the relationship (i.e. Matt and I going to CostCo again, Signs of Life, being a special place to us, Matt bringing the dessert wine, the type of flowers he picked out). What can make it special is the little things (inside jokes, etc.) you share with each other
- you do not have to have long, flowery speeches for the proposal (rarely does either person remember the exact words said)
- plan to have a photographer present to capture the event (and to have a picture of you on one knee - very special to the girl!!)

Next time: The three P's - Picking Planning Priorities


Susan Thomas said...

What a beautiful story, Betsy! All the best to you both! Susan Thomas

Jeni said...

...Or you could drop to your knee in the middle of a puddle, at a completely random time, and mumble something almost incoherent. It still works. At least it did for me! Beautiful Post.

Matt said...

haha, totally Jeni! It is really not about
things but about the moment.


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