Saturday, August 28, 2010

Save the dates, Invitations, Programs

To DIY or not to DIY, that is the question!

For those not fully into the current wedding lingo DIY stands for Do It Yourself. When it come to save the dates, invitations, programs and thank you cards, the designs and options are endless. It is important for each couple to first decide how much of a priority the invitations are - whether you want to spend hours gluing ribbon on each invitation or just printing a pre-made design on cardstock. One options is to go to Michael's (or another similar store) and look through their wedding aisle. 

They have everything from invitations (boxed sets you can print on), guest book, favors, printable Hershey's wrapping stickers, ring bearer pillows, to ribbon and bachelorette party stuff. It's good to just check it out and price shop. What's nice about Michael's or Hobby Lobby is that periodically they have sales. So, if you find what you want, just wait long enough and it will be on sale!

Another great resource (which we used) is Vistaprint. Often they have great deals, or free stuff. You can use their templates and insert a picture, etc. We printed out 250 postcard invitations for a good deal. We when first checked the website they had an offer to print 100 postcards for free. All you have to do is sign up by giving them your email. Matt and I used our wedding email (we set up an account specifically for all the wedding spam we knew we would receive).

For our small dinner after the reception I wanted to make a more traditional invitation. I wanted to save money and be more original, which meant we would have to make them ourselves. I wanted them to be creative and cute, but not require a time-consuming process. Thankfully, I have a mom that is a scrapbook and card making queen, so I had all the supplies I could ever want!! However, we went with such a simple design that we did not need any stamps (we printed on paper) or scrapbooking materials. All we did was print 5x7 photos from our engagement session and put a white cardstock paper behind it, and a vellum on top (that had the wedding announcement details on it).

I just googled wording on wedding invitations and RSVP cards and found two that we tweaked and made our own:

Information on vellum overlay -

Together with their parents

Elizabeth Catherine Barfield
Paul Matthew Pool
have chosen
the first day
of their new life together

Sunday, 10/10/10

You are invited to share
in the joy of their wedding
at three thirty in the afternoon

Mustard Seed Church
700 Wakarusa Drive
Lawrence, Kansas 66049

Cake reception immediately following

RSVP card for dinner - 

Your fantabulous reply is requested by Sept. 17th 2010 M_____________________

   Number attending with bells on
   Number attending, no bells
   Will not be attending (bell phobia)

Matt helped in almost every step of making the invitations - doing all the cutting for the vellum - WAY TO GO MATTHEW!! Mailing the invites was fun too!!! It was so nice to be done. Matthew was SUCH a help at the post office...

Programs, programs... what to do? If any of you all have suggestions, please let me know! We will have to figure that out soon.

Until next time, when we will address Ze Rehearsal Dinner!!

Note - With school in full swing again Betsy will be the primary author on the blog from now on. I (Matt) will be editing and adding as needed but with so much else going on... needless to say I am very thankful that  Betsy is so willing to take the lead when I have to take a step back and focus more on school.


Brianna said...

i used a michael's set and I think they turned out great! (however, i highly recommend opening the box at the store and double checking that all supplies are in there... i went back twice because the boxes didn't contain everything they said they did...)

Matt said...

good to know! Buyer beware!


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