Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ze contest! (Wedding Photo Scavenger Hunt)

Ladies and Gentlemen... start your engines!

You've heard about it, you know about it, you have already completed it, the contest is over... wait, no, that doesn't work...

The Barfield/Pool wedding scavenger hunt contest is officially underway!

The contest - Below you will find 30 pictures of our official business card taken at locations around town. These locations Betsy and I have some close connection to or have frequented often.

The Rules
Each participant must have their final responses in to us by midnight on Sunday, September 26th to be considered for the contest. The person with the most correct will win the grand prize. If there are multiple individuals who have guessed correctly then the individual that have described the locations in the most detail will win.

We will announce the winner at the reception. If you are not present, we will give it to the runner-up and so on.

The winner will get a $50 dollar gift certificate to Signs of Life.
(Signs of Life is a local art gallery, coffee shop and bookstore in downtown Lawrence.)

The Hints - 
If you just list the location the photo has been taken, then we count that as a right answer, if, however, you include
phone number (if applicable)
hours (if applicable)
and reasons why it has a unique connection to Betsy and Matt,
then you will have a leg up on the competition since we will be going with the most detailed responses.

MOST locations are in Lawrence, KS; there are just a few that are outside of Lawrence, and none of them are outside of Kansas.

Teams may be formed but we will still only give out one gift card. Hunt wisely.

We have chosen one photo to use as an example to help clarify. (So consider yourself lucky, you have one freebie! only 29 to go!)


The answer is 'Miltons' - that is all the information you need to get the photo correct. If, however, you would like to go in to more detail, then anything between 'Milton's' and

Milton's coffee
located at 920 Mass. Lawrence, KS 66044
open M-F (etc)
The photo was taken on one of the tables in one of the booths along the South wall.
This is special to Betsy and Matt because the first few months of their relationship they wanted to set aside a time once a week where they could relax and focus on building their relationship. Asking questions and going through Love and Respect were a large part of this Saturday morning ritual.
The Cheat Codes - 
You will benefit greatly by asking questions to try and get hints about each photo, although we recommend you be sneaky! If we realize that you are asking about the photos we will refuse to answer!

Please email your response to, again BEFORE MIDNIGHT on September 26th.

Please do not (DO NOT! Jeni, we are talking to you...) post your answers on this blog. All you do is help out others and mess up your own chances.

and away we go!

2 - 

3 - 
4 - 
5 - 
6 - 
7 - 
8 - 
9 - 
10 - 
11 - 
12 - 
13 - 
14 - 
15 - 
16 - 
17 - 
18 - 
19 - 
20 - 
21 - 
22 - 
23 - 
24 - 
25 - 
26 - 
27 - 
28 - 
29 - 
30 - 

Remember, email all entries by Sept 26th at midnight to

If you have contest questions please post them on this blog, we will answer them as quickly as possible.

Let the games begin!


Jeni said...

1. Lincoln Memorial
2. Subway
...Oh wait! I wasn't supposed to give away any answers. Shoot!

Shaun LePage said...

This reminds me of the guy who shot video of himself dancing all over the world. I might be able to guess more of these if you and Betsy were dancing in these places. Sorry Pools, I only know 2 or 3 so I'm not going to even try. My favorite is the cross, though.


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