Sunday, April 11, 2010

A simple beginning

And... We're off!

This has been a much talked about, little (to this point) done about, blog.

Betsy and I thought it would be fun to create a blog in which we post wedding ideas to help others who may be planning wedding(s) in the future on a budget (and share our progress with family and friends).

We are going to talk about financial relaxers, easy/quick fixes, and simple strategies that we discover (or miss out on!) as we go through this process ourselves!

The great thing about this blog is that we do not want this to be in a 'we are preaching to you' format. YOU have ideas! You have been to weddings or are married yourselves and thus will have many suggestions and recommendations! (On things to strive for AND avoid!)

So, in an effort to get the ball rolling, be ready for our first topic soon to follow. "Zeh Ring"

1 comment:

Marmee said...

I have already been contacted by a relative/wedding planner. Sure glad i could say, "It ain't may gig but I'll tell the kids"
First advice for inexpensive weddings-no wedding planners other than yourselves!


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