Saturday, May 8, 2010

Picking a date - the Beauties and the Beasts

Another short and sweet post, sorry we are so busy! The end of the school year is still not upon us (but is getting ever closer!)

Picking a date can be a hassle, here are a few tips we have heard over the years to help you along in picking the perfect day.

- Find a date that means something to you as a couple.
For Betsy and I, October 10th means a few things to us. One, it is our one year anniversary! Two, it is 10-10-10! How awesome is that?
- Pick a date that is easy to remember.
I (Matt) am personally thankful that it falls between our birthdays. (Hers being the 25th of Sept. and mine the 14th of Oct.)
- Think about days of the week.
Saturdays are not as common as they used to be and having a wedding on a Friday or can cut costs greatly and might help you pick a date that flows more to your liking.
(Something to consider - out of town family may have a harder time attending your wedding if you choose an alternate day of the week.)
- This about months of the year. - May and October and now the two most popular months to get married... so prices increase and if you want to have your wedding at a popular location it may be more difficult to attain.
- Think about seasons. - Flowers are in and out at different times of the year. Outdoor weddings will look very different depending on the season.

Other ways to determine your date -
- If the location is more important to you, their availability might determine your date.
- Length of engagement. - if you would like to get married in May but got engaged in April... maybe a May wedding is not the wisest option. Discuss how long you would like your engagement to be and then decide a date.
- Planning an outdoor wedding. - weather is an issue! Check out this link to find out how to determine whether or not your date will be storm-free.
- Work and School schedules. - find out what days you can get off and when, this might be a large factor in the long run!

Until next time! (When school is out for Matt and close for Bets!)

Next week - Bookingz anda ze Dress!

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