Friday, June 11, 2010

Middle of the week blurb...

Since our last post was satirical in nature, we wanted to reiterate the purpose of our blog and the stance we are coming from. Each post’s background is filled with lots of personal research and limited experience. E.g. we are learning as we go, as well as sharing our learning process with you.

Matt and I both have had a few inquiries about the last post, and we wanted to clarify a few things. We enjoyed researching this topic as we learned a lot about what the average person experiences on either side of the wedding.

Two things we want to mention: 1) these faux pas are not timeless; for example, at one point it might have been perfectly acceptable to add a guest to your RSVP, and 2) before researching and reading about weddings, we had planned on committing a few faux pas ourselves (unknowingly, of course).

We realize that our last post may have put off a lot of people; since it included things they did or were planning to do at their own weddings. Our posts are never targeted towards a certain person or people; instead we are just sharing what we learn.

Remember, we want you to respond to our posts, because we want to get as much input as possible as we continue to learn and share with you our wedding planning process. Feel free to also talk to us one on one via facebook , phone, or email if you feel sharing your opinion on here is too personal. Our goal is not to offend, but to learn.

See you all in a few days!

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