Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Helpers and 'those small-odd jobs'

Wow... talk about taking a break from blogging! (I thought life was simpler and free time was abundant once you marry... no?)

So, we had planned on writing a few blogs soon after our wedding to help out with our close friends who were marrying soon... but unfortunately 'life' called and blogging was put to the side for the time being.

Now we are back, and ready to play catch up. We plan to post a few blogs in the next week to finish out our Wedding blogging. After that, however, this blog will switch to be solely authored by Betsy (with some guest appearances by Matt) as she has many an idea for new posts and blog topics regarding being a wife in the early stages of a marriage. From things to easy/awesome recipes to shopping savings to laundry to finding time for God in married life... the list is long, and detailed.

anyway.....back to the topic at hand.

This list is specific to our wedding. (Duh) So there are plenty of things that could be added or taken away depending on your own circumstances, but, we hope that this will jolt your mind into realizing that yes, you do need cake cutters, or, yes, you do need someone to pull around the car before you leave, etc.

So, without further delay, the list!

We need crews (multiple people) to -
 - Decorate the sanctuary
 - Decorate the reception hall
 - Decorate the dinner hall
 - set out the cake at the end of the ceremony
 - cut the cake
 - restock the cake, punch, nuts, etc. (food runners)
 - handle and restock food at the dinner
 - take down the decor at the Church after most everyone has moved to the dinner
 - take down the decor after the dinner

We need an individual to handle -
 - being a contact person for vendors (so that the bride and groom can focus!)
 - overseeing all of the decorating process
 - ordering and handle pizza for decorators
 - transporting our gifts home
 - lighting the candles at the dinner
 - watching the door at the dinner to make sure only guests enter (having our dinner at Signs of Life - a public venue - on a day they are closed might attract customers)
 - picking up decorations from different locations and bring to the church/dinner
 - running the sound for the wedding ceremony
 - running projection for the wedding ceremony
 - providing a breakfast for the bride and bridesmaids on Sunday morning
 - run sound at the dinner, play music (we provided our own music via a playlist Matt setup)
 - announce the arrival of the bride and groom at the dinner
 - pull up cars at appropriate times so that Bride and Groom can exit gracefully
 - managing the guestbook
 - managing the photo booth
 - reading scripture at the ceremony
 - carrying Bride and Grooms personal items from place to place (we actually had people setup to grab our bags and put them in our get-away vehicle so that we didn't have to worry about it)
 - handing out wedding favors (bubbles?)
 - putting flowers on groomsmen

Very soon you will see our next blog on 'Last minute' to-do's' Catch you on the flippy-flip!

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