Friday, January 28, 2011

The "Last-Minutes"

Here is our personal Last minute things to do, things we never got done, etc.' list - We hope it helps those of you in your own planning!

Everybody’s list will be slightly different, but we thought it would be helpful to post our last minute to-dos in effort to help you plan accordingly and not forget anything. The week before my wedding, I worked 2 days, 3 nights, and worked on wedding prep the rest of the time. Matt worked Monday night and had two major tests on Thursday that he was studying for... 
... so creating a list... was a good thing.

This is a compilation of both our lists, made separately, combined here. Anything in italics is something we added to this blog to make things clearer or add additional things that we did not originally write down but did accomplish that week.

Matt - 
Contact guys about trying on tuxes (possibly Tuesday night?)

Matt - 
Pickup Tuxes
Schedule haircut appointment for Friday
Study for geology test and theatre history test (both were on Thursday) while guys come by to try on tuxes (some rental places will need a few days if changes are needed, try on as soon as possible to avoid these problems.)
Have programs printed

Betsy - 
Figure out who is left to email their duties and schedule to
Email Shaun, officiant, my edited vows
Pick out clothes to wear for the rest of the week (including rehearsal dinner and wedding morning)
Buy: floral tape, corsage pins, foam board, mousse, lace
Pay Sunflower rentals
Pick up stuff from Amy: cake stand, lights, drink containers
Matt - 
Pay all fees that have not yet been paid, pick up wedding license
E-mail photographer on specific unique poses we might want (or not want)

Betsy's hand-crafted centerpieces
Betsy - 
Print vellum for centerpieces
Cut ribbon (maybe Fri.)
Pick out props & sheet for photo booth
Delegate Lords supper set up
Put gift cards (for Thank-you cards to helpers) in envelopes and label (so we knew who had gotten their card and who still needed their card, or so that we could delegate for someone else to hand it out)
practice 'first dance' dance one more time
Matt - 
Create music playlist for the reception
Burn CD's for the wedding ceremony
Create a bag of 'stuff to take to the rehearsal dinner/wedding,' begin putting stuff in
 - Betsy's ring
 - wedding license
 - groomsmen gifts
start packing for honeymoon
practice 'first dance' dance one more time
confirm ceremony order with officiant

Betsy - 
Pack for honeymoon and bring rest of clothes and stuff to Pinetree where Matt currently lived
Drop off cake stand to Jeni (Our cake baker) (never happened...)
Wax appointment
Break in shoes
Finish contact sheet (and clarify food coordinator -my parents don't want to be day of coordinators)
Make 'thank you,' '10/10/10,' and 'Mr. And Mrs.' Signs as a way to create 'Thank You' cards via the photo shoot. This actually did not get done until Saturday. (Since we did not have time to do this until Saturday we decided to instead take photos of blank poster board and then digitally edit them later, in the end... they were never used.)

Sigh... we never used these!

Matt - 
take two tests
Finalize 'Best Man' to-do list (your best man is there to help you 'de-stress' on your wedding day, give him jobs to do so you don't have to do anything but what is required!)
print out honeymoon itinerary (all flights/hotels/car rentals/etc.) - pack in luggage

Blog- 'things to do early (time consuming)' (never happened...)
Blog- 'do not forget...' (clearly this came WAY later...)

Betsy - 
Get hair cut (make sure to setup an appointment earlier)
Make bouquets
Decorate arch
Drop off to get dress steamed (or delegate)
Matt - 
be on call to run any errand for Betsy since she does not live in town

Matt - 
go to Costco (with Nate?) and pick up wedding cake
Both - 
make up bedroom
Gift-wrap door (we wanted to gift-wrap our bedroom door so we had one more present to open when we came home Sunday night.)
Go to the rehearsal dinner!

Betsy -
Make boutineers and corsages
Get ready!!!
Matt - 
bring breakfast to ladies as they get ready
play wii with Nate to de-stress
arrive at church with tuxes in preparation to decorate

Sunday morning the boutineers and corsages took about 2 hours, with Amy and I both working on it so I was glad I didn't have much else I needed to work on. I also was stuck on a chair getting my hair and make-up done for about 2 hours.

All in all... that felt like a LOT of stuff to do, but it was easier to check it all off one by one versus trying to just remember everything. Our wedding went very smoothly thanks to all the help we received (THANK YOU!) and we hope that whatever you are planning will go smoother as well with the little help we could offer.

Until next time!

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